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The National Real Estate Forum could really use your help in getting these tremendous guest podcasts out to more listeners.

Please help us by leaving a quick rating and review on iTunes and help share this podcast with others.  If you have iTunes on your computer or phone, here’s how you do it:

On Your Phone

1. If you have not already done so, download a Podcast App on your phone (I use the one called ‘Podcasts’ by Apple)

2. Search for ‘National Real Estate Forum’ under the search option, and then click the logo under ‘Podcasts’

3. Click on ‘Reviews’

4. And then on ‘Write a Review’

5. And then, well, write a review and rate!  I really appreciate it... thank you!

On Your Computer

1.  Head to this page:  NREF on iTunes and click on ‘View in iTunes’

This should open up the iTunes program on your computer. If not, just head to your iTunes store and look for ‘National Real Estate Forum’.

2.  Within iTunes, click the ‘Subscribe’ button on the left side to subscribe to our show and then click ‘Ratings and Reviews’

3.  On the "Ratings and Reviews" page, click ‘Write a Review’

4.  Please write your review and please remember to rate us also.


That's it!

Thanks so much everyone! My guests and I are very grateful to you for the support and your help in getting the National Real Estate Forum out in front of the iTunes audience!




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