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How to Raise Money and Invest in Crowd Funded Real Estate Deals

Series 2:  The Crowd Fund Project

The NREForum Series 2 is oriented entirely to providing you with the tools you need to benefit from the transformational changes influencing the real estate industry as a result of the JOBS Act of 2012.  The JOBS Act gave rise to the phenomenon of crowd-funding.  Typically associated with business start-ups and 'donation' sites such as Kickstarter, the single greatest beneficiary of the Act has been the real estate industry.   For the first time since the advent of the internet, you can now raise money and invest in crowd funded real estate deals online.

Common is the refrain to the investor that 'you can now invest like an institution', but does the investor think like the institution?  Sponsors now expect to put their offering documents on-line and have capital rain in on them.  But nothing is quite so simple and the Forum has the resources and tools you need to navigate this extraordinary opportunity prudently and wisely.  Listen to the podcasts where industry leaders share their insights; download the free primer I have put together for you, and stay tuned so that you too can raise money and invest in crowd funded deals  successfully.

Your Host

Dr. Adam Gower is host of the podcast.  He is a seasoned real estate professional with a strong background in entrepreneurship and tech.  Real estate, in all its aspects, is his passion and he has more years of experience in the industry than he will confess to.  His expertise is in identifying real estate financing and development opportunities, and in bringing them to fruition.  He has over $1.5 billion of direct transactional experience on his own account and on behalf of clients who have included large international, publicly traded and privately held companies. Dr. Gower holds California BRE and CSLB licenses. He has a B.Sc. (Honors) degree from the London School of Economics, and a Ph.D.   He is soon to publish a book in which he has examined the ways in which banks disseminate risk by pushing it out to the crowd.

Representative Clients

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Experience, Information, Resources and Deal Flow

This is not a get-rich-quick podcast.  Investing in real estate is extremely risky and you could lose everything.  Our content is designed to enhance your knowledge of the industry and give you tools with which you can make increasingly educated investment decisions.  As we roll out Series 2, we will be providing investors with online courses and materials to understand the nature of the projects, the jargon, and the economics of crowd funded real estate deals.  For sponsors wishing to raise capital, we provide advisory services, assisting you assess the best options and actively generating the funds that you need.  We can provide guidance on a case-by-case basis upon request to both investors and sponsors.  Contact me for more information.  I will answer your questions and keep you posted as new podcasts are released, and as resources are published.

The Crowd Fund Project: Guests

Brew Johnson

Co-Founder, CEO, Platform


Bill Bedell


PhD Candidate, Cornell

Ben Miller

Co-Founder, CEO, Platform


Amy Wan


BootStrap Legal

Alex Rampell

General Partner, Venture Capital

Andreesen Horowitz

AdaPia d'Errico

COO, Platform


Adam Hooper

Co-Founder, CEO, Platform


Tore Steen

Co-Founder, CEO, Platform


Sara Hanks

Co-Founder, CEO, Compliance


Rod Turner

Co-Founder, CEO, Advisor

Manhattan Street Capital

Nick Walsh

CEO, Sponsor

Global Senior Housing

Nav Athwal

Co-Founder, CEO, Platform


Max Sharkansky

CEO, Sponsor

Trion Properties

Mark Roderick


Flaster Greenberg

Lisa Canning

Education Czar

Crowd Fund Capital Advisors

Chris Loeffler

Founder, CEO, Sponsor

Caliber Co's.

Jonathan Tate

Architect, Sponsor


Eve Picker

Co-Founder, CEO, Portal


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How to raise capital and invest in crowd funded real estate deals

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