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The JOBS Act of 2012 fundamentally changed the way that real estate can and is being financed.  Simply stated, you can now advertise your deal online to raise both equity and debt, and you can search those deals to directly invest in them.

At the National Real Estate Forum we are talking to the leaders of this new industry; to the operators of the websites listing the deals, to the sponsors, to investors, to specialist professionals steeped in the new regulations, and to thought leaders.

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With over $1.5bn of transactional experience, and 30 years financing and developing real estate, Dr. Adam Gower provides advisory services to companies raising capital using crowd funding, and educational resources and training to those wanting to invest.  Find out more at The Crowd Fund Real Estate Investor...


How Real Estate Came to Dominate the Crowd Funding Industry

Podcast Guests

The Crowd Fund Project guests represent the thought and action leadership in the industry today.  A sample of their companies are below. These platforms, marketplaces, portals, venture capitalists, professionals, investors & sponsors are among those defining the industry.

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How Real Estate Came to Dominate the Crowd Funding Industry