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Released weekly on Mondays, the National Real Estate Forum Podcast is hosted by Dr. Adam Gower.  Cutting through the clutter, the series features discussions with some of the world's foremost real estate experts both in academia and in industry.  Just hit Play to listen to the shows, and subscribe at the links below.

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NRE Forum Podcast #17: The Hotel STR Report... You've Read the Report, Now Hear the Podcast!

Amanda Hite, President and CEO of STR and one of the most influential leaders in real estate today explains how the hotel industry is at an all time high, and growing faster than ever, and tells us that historically for hotels, each downturn has been worse than the last…  More...

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NRE Forum Podcast #16: Latest RE Cycle Report - Hotels Strong; Apartments Oversupplied; Industrial the Best Property Type To Be In!

In the latest Cycle Monitor Report (aggregated Costar data) looking at the top MSAs in the country, Prof. Glenn Mueller summarizes exactly where the five major real estate food groups are in their respective cycles (office, industrial, retail, hospitality, apartments).  Hotels are enjoying one of their strongest seasons in decades; but apartments are overbuilt nationwide and likely in early stages of a correction.  More...

NRE Forum Podcast #15: Appraisals Contribute to Bubbles and Exacerbate Downturns?

We all know what appraisals are and that they are primarily a tool used by banks once a buyer goes into escrow on a property.  But did you know that there is evidence to show that, at least in part, appraisals can contribute to house price bubbles and exacerbate downturns?  Prior to the recent 'great recession' a preponderance of appraisals came in above contract pricing.  This helped the market to climb faster, perhaps, than it might otherwise have done.  In May 2009, federal guidelines were implemented under what is known as the HVCC - the Home Valuation Code of Conduct - that placed an independent intermediary between lenders and appraisers.  Dr. Leonard Nakamura, Vice President and Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank share his perspective on this important component of real estate market dynamics.  More...

NRE Forum Podcast #14: Agent Conflict of Interest - Not Worth Extra Time to Maximize Price

We tend to think of the relationship between time on market and price primarily in the context of setting the asking price – if we set it too high, it’s going to take longer to sell, or maybe not sell at all, OR if we set that price too low and a buyer pops up immediately maybe we set the price too low.  There is a built in conflict that while it may be in the Seller’s best interest to wait longer for a higher price, brokers prefer to sell quickly because the increase in commission that they get just isn’t worth the wait…  More...  

NRE Forum Podcast #13: Don't Be Rushed Into Selling Your Home Quickly - You Could Be Leaving Money on the Table

The relationship between list price, how it is set, and how that relates to the amount of time a home remains on the market before selling has not been empirically studied – until now.  Darryl Hayunga, Professor at the University of Georgia, explains that the best strategy is to set list price 3-4% above market price.  And he notes that Agents are motivated to set sale price lower because the extra commission isn’t worth the wait…  More...

NRE Forum Podcast #12: Housing Stock Woefully Undersupplied, Affordability Diminishing

Sales volumes of single family owner occupied homes is diminishing historically despite increase in housing stock as millennials take longer to buy and seniors stay longer in their homes.  House prices, tax regimes, and demographics all feed into these trends.  Real estate agents are finding it harder to generate listings and sales with lower volumes and especially because there are so many more real estate agents in the market all vying for their share of a market that has not grown, in transactional volume, for over 20 years.  More...

NRE Forum Podcast #11: The Good the Bad, and the Totally Unpredictable of the Housing Market

It is the best of times and the worst of times for predicting where the housing industry nationwide may be headed.  Based on his extensive analysis of data aggregated from the California Association of Realtors internal data, Moody’s Analytics, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the FDIC, and many, Jordan Levine, Economist, walks us through an intensive overview of the current state of the housing market.  More...

NRE Forum Podcast #9: Are You Getting a Fair Return When Historic Preservation Prevents You From Building?

In 1978 the Supreme Court decided against Penn Central and decided that the 'common good' would prevail over making anything more than a 'fair return' on real estate.  Professor Michael Tomlan, Cornell, explains the background to this case, and how it has become staple fare at a planning commission hearing near you.

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NRE Forum Podcast #8: Deloitte's 2017 CRE Forecast with Vice Chairman Bob O'Brien

For a vivid description of the exciting developments that will change the way you consider real estate investment opportunities going forward, listen to Deloitte's Vice Chairman Bob O'Brien share insights gleaned from his company's 250,000 employees, and millions of clients.  More...

NRE Forum Podcast #3: Rent Control is Bad for Homeowners Too

Rent control might actually be bringing down the value of your home even if you are a homeowner and not renting out your property.  In a study that examined the effects of de-controlling rents in Cambridge, Massachusetts,  researchers discovered that even homes never subject to rent control experienced significant price increases when rent control was abolished.

NRE Forum Podcast #6: Uncertainty in Healthcare Policy is Destabilizing for Real Estate.

Which is the anomaly:  The Affordable Care Act, or is the current plan being debated in Washington the anomaly?  Opportunities may arise depending on which side of this debate you are situated.

NRE Forum Podcast #5: School Quality and the Price of Housing

Now is the time of the year when those among us with children start wondering where they are going to be enrolling those children in school next year. As a consequence the residential property market starts to heat up as people buy homes in school districts that they consider desirable. But how much does school quality, itself, drive the price of housing?

NRE Forum #4: House Price Dynamics - Are you buying into a bubble?

Wondering if you are buying a home at inflated pricing due to a bubble forming? Consider the motivation of last years’ buyers to assess this possibility, and keep an eye on sales volumes – if they suddenly tail off, prices may be about to fall.

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