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NREForum provides you with high value, thought provoking commentary and insights into the real estate industry from the most qualified scholars and industry practitioners in the country.  We constantly search for important academic papers and studies, most of which are written for academic peer-review purposes.  As in their written form they are difficult to digest we invite their authors to talk about them in a podcast to make them more accessible.  Our real estate practitioner guests provide perspectives and insights based on their experience and industry leadership that complement the academic views.  Together our professor and professional podcasts provide you with a unique source for the finest real estate intelligence available.

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Details, Data, Productivity

We respect your time and recognize that a day spent well is one spent productively.  Our podcasts are carefully edited to ensure that they are high value, data rich, and worth the time you spend listening.  This is not a get-rich-quick podcast.  Our content is designed to enhance your knowledge of the industry and give you tools with which you can make increasingly educated investment decisions.

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Your Host

Dr. Adam Gower is host of the podcast.  He has more years of experience in real estate than he will confess to.  And he has a Ph.D., so you can trust him; he's a doctor.  Dr. Gower is bedeviled by humility, "If I had a fault," he says, "which I don't, it would be my modesty."  His guests, however, are the real team, and some of them are listed below.  Please listen to their podcasts.  These men and women have dedicated their lives to the betterment of the industry and hearing their insights will improve your knowledge, hone your skills, and enable you and your business to thrive.

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The Real Team - Our Guests

Christopher Palmer


Professor, UC Berkeley

Amanda Hite

President & CEO


Leonard Nakamura

Ph.D. Princeton

VP Federal Reserve Bank

Glenn Mueller

Ph.D. Georgia State

Prof. U of Denver

Bob O'Brien

Vice Chairman


Jordan Levine

Senior Economist

California Association of Realtors

Charles Nathanson

Ph.D. Harvard

Prof. Northwestern Kellog

Stephen Ross

Ph.D. Syracuse


Michael Tomlan

Ph.D. Cornell

Prof. Cornell

Darren Hayunga

Ph.D. Louisiana State

Prof. U of Georgia

James Conklin

Ph.D. Penn State

Prof. U of Georgia

Greg MacKinnon

Ph.D. U of Alberta

Pension Real Estate Association

Jonathan Meer

Ph.D. Stanford

Prof. Texas A&M

Paul Anglin

Ph.D. W. Ontario

Prof. U of Guelph

Bennie Waller

Ph.Ds. U of Mississippi

Prof. U of Longwood


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